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Are you a coach or consultant, confused by (too) many ideas?

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Positioning course for solopreneurs who are ready to focus!

Find your Thing | Create your Signature Service | Stand out & be seen


What do you want to be known for?
Create your Signature Service now,
so you are ready when your customers come back from holiday 

Imagine you could focus on the one thing that you love doing most, and get paid for it!
The one thing that you are known for.
The one thing that you can build your brand around.
Your Signature  Service.

Are you hiding underneath a heap of widely different services?
Maybe  because you have a hunch that if you specialise..  you will stand out and be visible! The fearful part of your brain would like you to stay confused...

How it works

We work on these components to get you to your superpower positioning:

Your unique point of view that sets you apart from everyone else

Defining and naming the outcome you get for clients
How to package these into your signature service.

  • Self paced class with video lessons and inspiring visual worksheets
    Bi-weekly office hour calls on the first and third Tuesday 8 PM CEST / 2 PM EDT 
  • Deluxe version:  Plus two hour 1:1 business storyboarding /coaching session! 
  1. Part one: You 
    I want you to be more you! We dig into your story, your skills, your interests and your values. What do you love doing? What do you want to be known for? You'll write your (mini-) manifesto and an exciting "about me" page. And we'll take a good look at the part of the brain that would like you to stay confused! 
  2. Part two: Your customers
    Their vision. Their journey. Do you know where they hang out and talk about their obvious and hidden problems? And how can you solve their problem in your unique way?
  3. Part three: Your service
    This is where the magic happens. Your service connects you with your customers. It is the centerpiece of your business, and a manifestation of your message. 

    In a 1:1 live storyboarding session we'll fit the pieces of your business  together and connect the dots. You walk away with a blueprint for all your communication

Result: Get client inquiries! 

Proudly show off your signature service on a revamped and streamlined social media profile page (or any other place where you get seen). 
Imagine - a profile page that actually gets you clients! * 

*if you do the work to show up in their feed! I'm mostly familiar with LinkedIn, but I'm sure it also works on other platforms. 

Are you expressing your own uniqueness?

  • You already have a business up and running, and you are great at what you do.
    But when you talk about it you sound like everybody else!

  • You get overwhelmed by too many project ideas, and don't know which one would bring your business forward

  • You hate self promotion. You don't know how to talk about yourself despite of all the interesting stuff you have experienced. (Hint: If you have figured out your signature service, this becomes easy. After all - you have a message to share!

I know exactly how it feels like. My problem was never that I didn't know how to do stuff. My problem was that I I knew too many things! And couldn't decide what was the best. 

What I have learned when building my creative business, is that standing out and selling your one unique service is much, much easier than offering a million things.

But it is difficult to see your superpower by yourself, because you are too close to your own business.

Narrow down your offers is scary 

I get it. You are a creative spirit, and you are afraid that if you specialize, you will end up with a boring work day. But I can tell you from my experience that the opposite is the case. The trick is to cut out all the boring stuff, and focus on what you love! 

And - offering a signature service doesn't  mean that you completely change what you do.

Unless you want to!

Maybe you can find a common thread in what you do, and change the way you talk about it. Find a name for it and claim it! 

Then, test it out for three months. Get feedback. Tweak it. 

Give it three months.

And then: Sell it in September!

Why a Summer Course?

Not all months are created equal. 

For most businesses in summertime, business is slow. The best time to sell is September, October, November. The three months between summer holiday and Christmas frenzy. 

And you want to take advantage of that! 

'So when you figure out your signature service now,  it is ready to go when your clients are back - and hungry for new things! 

I did this work last year with the goal to make better use of Linkedin, and my business has taken off since then. 

Always know what to talk about. Create your own ecosystem of topics around your superpower!


Who is this course for?

Professional coaches, consultants and creatives and other brilliant solopreneurs who are already running a business and want to take their brand to the next level. 

If you are in doubt, you can send me an email to or book a  chat with me


What clients are saying


If you are struggling with visibility, I highly recommend that you do Ingrid Lill’s Superpower Storyboard class. It’s an amazing tool that you won’t learn anywhere else. Ingrid’s zone of brilliances is that she is able to take your ideas and make it into an easy to understand visual concept.

That way you’ll gain the clarity that you need to take the next step. As an added bonus, Ingrid has a knack for building very rich communities. This means that you will walk away with so much added bonus on top of your brand identity.

Michala Storm, coach



"When I took Ingrid’s 5-week class, I was at a complete loss for who I wanted to work with, just coming back to my coaching practice after a year long break.  But I was in love with the process; sharing what I knew and seeing Ingrid depict that story visually.  I have gone through 3 ideas and each one bringing me a little closer to that sweet spot - what my heart feels called to do and there being a real need for that in the world. Having the images to bounce off of helps a lot… to notice what really resonates with me and what’s missing. This morning a new idea comes and I am so grateful to have this format to work with to literally sketch out the details of my latest inspiration to bring to the marketplace and test it out!  Thank you Ingrid for your invaluable support!”

Carol K,  creativity coach



Ingrid has such a collaborative, direct style. With my fellow students, we drew together, laughed together, got clear on our messaging together. Being part of a small, intimate cohort was just magic.

In our 1:1 session, I brain-dumped my jumbled heap of strengths, interests, and skills. And within 20 minutes, Ingrid presented me with a clear, concise brand picture. I've been working to clarify my business for over a year. Ingrid is a strategic magician!

Christy Sharafinsky, brand strategist



Ingrid Lill – Business Coach with a Pencil.

 I help coaches and consultants to figure out their superpower.

ich Pencil_hart.pngAs a graphic designer, I designed countless logos, corporate identities, websites and brochures. I took up every job that came my way. 

My website was basically a portfolio of stuff that I had done in the past, with a "contact me" button where potential client could send me an email. 

Of course, they never did. All my work came via word of mouth. 

Marketing was a foreign word for me.  I always felt awkward promoting myself. 

Until I decided that I was done doing everything. 

I wanted to do only the fun stuff. Drawing. Thinking. Designing my own material. 

It took some time until it clicked. 

Only when I sketched out my own business plan I discovered that the tools of visual thinking can help tremendously with getting clear about your business message. This is how Business Storyboarding was born. 

Business Storyboarding became my very own and unique superpower service. 

This changed everything.

I didn't have to market myself anymore. 
I could market my service. 
And my service became my message: 

I'm on a mission to fight the ocean of boring  design templates and and marketing speak that all look and sound the same.

I'm on a mission to help you find - and market -  your own superpower service! 

You can see the work I'm doing for clients on

Bonus: Get my "illustration made easy" online course for free!
Value: 297 USD

The illustration class for people who say they can't draw. 

Illustration made easy mockup

Do you think you can't draw? Think again! Probably you just didn't get the right instructions. 
In this online course I guide you step by step through the method that I used to teach myself illustration. 
Plus you get access to a huge library of webinars about useful topics, including tips and techniques for digital drawing and design. 

And - enjoy your summer! 


I'd love to have you in this course. But no matter what you decide, I wish you a wonderful summer.