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for coaches and consultants 

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Do you want more focus and clarity in your business? 

This program is for you if you are a brilliant coach, consultant or creative with many (maybe too many) ideas. But - 

  • You find it difficult to see the big picture of your business
  • Marketing and business talk bore you to death.
  • You just want to create! 

Brand Storyboarding is a fun and inspiring way to take a fresh look at  your business.
We connect the dots of your message, your story and your service in a way that makes sense, even if you don't consider yourself business savvy. 
brand storyboarding


I didn’t know how to talk about what I do,  how to sell it and to show I it to the world. 
Ingrid's Brand Storyboarding helped me to get clear about what I do, and how to express it in a way that is aligned with my mission, and in a way that gets me clients.

Ana Umbelino, high performance facilitator


Business made visual

I struggled with talking about my business until I laid the message out visually. Then all of a sudden it clicked!

Unlike other marketing courses, brand Storyboarding is a  fun and inspiring way to find, refine and express your business idea, positioning, and offer.

template shadow.png

Drawing up the "moving parts" of any communication gives you a deep understanding of how to talk to your (prospective) clients so they understand, listen, and buy.
The visuals give you the opportunity to see "the big picture" of your business and see it from outside

Who needs the Brand Storyboard course?

  • Coaches and other business owners who are struggling to focus their message and attract clients.
  • Consultants who want to expand their own toolbox 
  • Anybody who needs to communicate more effectively!

What is a Brand Storyboard?

I teach you the process that I use to help my clients figure out their message. I use a gaming metaphor that is based on the simplest of stories: You, the fairy, is helping a player to get out of the pit into paradise. You can read more about what I do on
This is a chance to get my input on your brand AND learn the process yourself.

What if I can't draw?

You don't have to! It is enough if you can draw stick people. We don't draw because it should look pretty, but to look at the big picture of your business. You'll get a better overview this way, instead of dealing with linear text. 

But in case you DO want to improve your drawing – I'll give you access to my popular drawing class "Illustration made easy" - value: 297 USD!!! 

Illustration made easy mockup

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"The Brand Storyboard Course was such an eye-opener. I knew that something was off with my website, because I didn’t get the results I had hoped for. Now I know exactly how to build my brand going forward"

Michala Storm, coach



You can start anytime

The course has two parts - a self-paced video course with worksheets and prompts that you can work through.

If you have questions or want feedback, you can come to the office-hour style live calls. 

90 minute live calls are on the  first Thursday every month,  at 8 PM CET (Copenhagen) – 7 PM GMT (London) – 2 PM EST (New York)  – 11 AM PST (San Francisco)

Webinar recordings, templates,  and other course material will be available on the course platform. 


You really cut through the confusion in my mind with your Storyboard questions. I love your advice on infusing the program name with my style! Thank you so much!

Dina Grishin, Coach


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Ingrid Lill – Visual Artist turned Branding Strategist.

 I help coaches and consultants to figure out their message. 

ich Pencil_hart.pngAs a graphic designer and art director, I have designed countless logos corporate identities, websites and brochures. 

When I started my own business – graphic facilitation and drawing classes – I found out that good work isn't enough to build a sustainable business. 

Although I took courses and read about marketing, it didn't click for me. I always felt awkward promoting myself. 

Brand Storyboarding

Only when I sketched out my own business plan I discovered that the tools of visual thinking can help tremendously with getting clear about your business and  brand message.

This is what I am now helping my clients achieve, too.

This way, drawing revolutionized my business. Now I'm running a unique branding business, driven by the power of my pencil.

Marketing can be fun!

I'm on a mission to fight the noisy ocean of semi-professional design templates and lofty promises that all look and sound the same. I'd love to show you how being authentic and focusing on what you love can drive your business, too. 

You can see the work I'm doing for clients on

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