My Classes




Illustration Made Easy – Basic Course

In 5 lessons you learn basic head and figure drawing. This class is a great departure point for illustration. You will learn the formula for making pretty drawings. After these 5 lessons you'll have a solid grip on the basics, and  it will be easy for you to draw other stuff, too. 


Drawing Club Library

A growing archive of drawing lessons that you can delve into and learn new stuff that we haven't covered in the basic class. Let me know if there is a topic that you'd like me to cover!


Dream - Draw - Do!

A guided 3 weeks process to find your visions, create a a beautiful map, and manifest your dreams.  


Brand Storyboard Course

My Brand Storyboard is a simple, visual and fun communication framework that helps to improve your business communication - including your business idea, messaging, positioning and your offer.

Drawing up the "moving parts" of any communication gives you a deep understanding of how to talk to your (prospective) clients so they understand, listen, and buy.
The visuals give you the opportunity to see "the big picture" of your business and see it from outside.